Course Description

Technology is helping to solve problems and propel a business towards the future. Behind every technology-based solution is a computer science professional helping to make it happen. Students take this course to learn how to deal with business challenges.

Since software permeates all aspects of the business from manufacturing to marketing, demand for qualified software development professionals is high. The 5-year diploma program in Computer Science is built on a technical base, which enables students to explore the field from a range of perspectives.

Our graduates obtain a successful career in a dynamic field and help solve real-world problems, such as streamlining operations and creating a competitive edge using data structures, algorithms, and design patterns.

In the fourth and fifth academic year, the curriculum becomes more specialized and students can choose their desired field of expertise in one of the available courses: Network, Programming, and Web Development.



The mission is to provide our students with quality education in computer science. The department sets high academic standards to produce motivated and qualified graduates, who are able to apply their knowledge and advance our society in this digitalized age.


Our vision is to be the premier Computer Science Department in the Kurdistan region that produces skillful and competent IT technicians, and prepares them for fulfilling professional careers in the computing industry.


Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of computer hardware and software. 
  • Students obtain a basic level of competency in programming and logic skills. 
  • Graduates can work effectively in teams and are capable of using web technologies, spreadsheets, databases, and project management software.
  • Graduates will apply their skills in fundamental computer science in their careers.

Program Facilities:

  • Computer Laboratories
  • Software Packages of the Computer Science Department

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