About us

Gasha Institute (GI) is a vocational establishment, which opened its doors in 2013.  It thrives to create opportunities and equip the workforce with contemporary employment skills. It is dedicated to educational services in the Kurdistan region and helps to develop its learning process in accordance with the Ministry of Education, which in turn delivers in consonance with global guidelines. The Institute is owned and supervised by Gasha Educational Company (GEC), a pioneering corporation that provides high-quality services in the field of academia in Kurdistan.  

GI offers a wide range of 5-year full-time programs in Petroleum, Computer Science, and Administration & Accounting. Graduates obtain a diploma and are able to enter their chosen profession and build a successful career. GI delivers quality education and training by recruiting highly qualified teachers and professionals.

Our Institute focuses on students’ achievements throughout their learning process and relies on modern technology and communication. We offer an experience that allows students to choose academic aspects, progress in critical thinking, and obtain the necessary information, to become independent learners throughout their lives. We support our graduates to develop self-confidence and become leaders in their chosen fields.