About us

Gasha is a vocational institute thrives for creating best employment and man-powering to Kurdistan Market in a professional way.
It is dedicated to education services in Kurdistan regional government in the purpose of developing educational process in accordance with other related organizations at ministry of education with providing its high quality in consonance with global educational guidelines by providing the newest and latest educational services in both academic and technical sectors. Gasha Academic educational institute is sponsored and supervised by Access Education Company (AE).
It is an educational company specialized to contribute educational services to Kurdistan region to flourish education.

We believe that the core axis of the educational process is the student. And this is mainly generalized for all educators and employees of the educational field, which focuses on student’s achievements throughout their learning process that relies on modern technology and communication which promotes the development of the invention and innovation of the students. We develop academically by presenting various dynamic studies according to global standards with the presence of all the active interests. We are committed to increasing the ability of all students in different ways.

Information Growth: we offer an educational experience that allows students to choose academic aspects, and social personalities for themselves, solve their problems, develop mindfulness, critical thinking and obtain the necessary sacrificial information to become independent learners throughout their life. We emphasize on the students to identify appropriate solutions in the outcome example of understanding life and apply them technically. Our evaluation program allows us to establish each student’s needs.

Gasha Institute is the leading private institute in Kurdistan in the three fields of Petroleum, Computer Science and Business Administration and Accounting. Students that graduate from this institute receive Diploma degrees in their perspective fields and are able to work professionally and confidently in their future work environment. This institute functions under the supervision of ministry of education of Kurdistan Regional Government which provides the students with the most suitable and beneficial subjects, giving their degrees the highest value. Gasha Institute has a talented and brilliant staff consisting of teachers that have been put through various trainings and tests in order to recruit the top tutors for the students.


Personal and social development: we support students to develop self-confidence and to decide the spirit of leadership, and to encourage the development of a social system that stands on the dignity of others. Also, a system that includes receiving the necessary skillful behavioral information to lead an active, productive and healthy lifestyle.