Our Departments

Petroleum Technology

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is blessed vast sources of oil and natural gas, and so is a major contributor to global energy needs. The operating oil and gas companies in the region are booming, and constantly .

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was established in 2014, and the number of students applying for this course have increases yearly, as Gasha offers a course that is unrivaled in the region.

Business Administration and Accounting

The aim of the Department is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles in the area of Business Administration and Accounting.

Our values


Gasha Institute is the leading private institute in Kurdistan in the three fields of Petroleum, Computer Science and Business Administration and Accounting. Students that graduate from this institute receive Diploma degrees in their perspective fields and are able to work professionally and confidently in their future work environment. This institute functions under the supervision of ministry of education of Kurdistan Regional Government which provides the students with the most suitable and beneficial subjects, giving their degrees the highest value. Gasha Institute has a talented and brilliant staff consisting of teachers that have been put through various trainings and tests in order to recruit the top tutors for the students.


The main vision and program in Gasha Institute is designed to educate a student who is capable of working in Petroleum, Computer Science, Business and Administration fields. While providing students with a 5-year plan of English language, in order to prepare them for working in teams with people of different languages and nations. Graduates in Gasha Institute can be hired in various domains of their field and achieve higher positions after gaining experience