Business & Accounting

Course Descriptions

The Associate of Science in Business Administration and Accounting program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education by combining a core set of general education courses with specialized courses in accounting. The program lays the foundation for a broad base of knowledge with general education courses in a variety of subject areas. In addition, courses within the program discipline, such as Introduction to Accounting, Principles of Accounting, and Intermediate Accounting, focus on preparing students for careers within the accounting field.


The mission of the Business Administration and Accounting Department Program is to deliver a curriculum to a diverse student population that prepares students for career entry and advancement as well as providing continued degree opportunities that are in alignment with their personal goals. This curriculum is delivered in a student-centered approach that combines a variety of effective classroom methods, skills, and experiential educational experiences.


To excel in preparing students who are knowledgeable in the use of conceptual, theoretical, and practical applications of financial and non-financial information to reach successful business solutions. Demonstrated proficiency with English composition, including the ability to develop essays, revise and edit one’s work, and conduct academic research. Demonstrate an understanding of an accounting information system, the steps of the accounting cycle. Demonstrate basic mathematical skill by describing mathematical reasoning and logic as the basis for data analysis, and by applying the major concepts of college-level algebra.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Associate of Science in Business Administration and Accounting program, students will be able to:

 – Apply knowledge of accounting processes and financial management principles to business situations and managerial decision making.

 – Discuss how accounting rules are established, how financial statements can be used, and the components of a multiple-step income statement.

 – Demonstrate a foundation of business knowledge related to business ownership, marketing, risk management, and social responsibility.

 – Identify and apply the fundamental principles of public speaking, speech criticism, audience analysis, and effective delivery techniques.

 – Demonstrate a foundation of computer and information systems knowledge, technical skills, and a basic understanding of computer applications.

– Demonstrate an understanding of the broad implications of technological innovation on social organization in terms of personal, economic, and environmental issues.


Duration & Program Facilities

5 Academic year’s full-time study at the Department of Accounting at Gasha Institute. Normally an academic year starts in Mid Sept to Mid-June.

 – Computer Laboratories.

 – Software Packages related to Business Administration and Accounting.

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