Course Descriptions

The 5-year diploma program is designed to provide a well-rounded education. The course focuses on preparing students for successful careers in the administration and accounting fields. The program is designed to meet market needs and allows graduates to find better opportunities.

Students will develop skills necessary to prepare and analyze the financial statements of public and private corporations. They study the foundation of business knowledge related to marketing, risk administration, and social responsibility. They will learn them through subjects such as Accounting, Economy, Finance, Statistics, Auditing, Taxation, Business Law, Human Resources and Project Management.

In the fourth and fifth academic year, the curriculum becomes more specialized and students can choose their desired field of expertise in either Administration or Accounting.


The mission of the department is to deliver a curriculum that combines a variety of effective methods, skills, and experiences, to educate students who are able to apply their knowledge to serve the public. 


Our vision is to be among the most prestigious Administration and Accounting Department in the Kurdistan region that produces skillful and qualified graduates and prepares them for fruitful careers in the public and private sectors.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of administration, accounting processes and financial management principles to business situations.
  • Discuss accounting rules, financial reports, and the components of a multiple-step income statement.
  • Identify and apply the foundation of computer, technical skills, and a basic understanding of Information Technology (IT) applications.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of technological innovation on social organization in terms of personal and economic issues.

Program Facilities

  • Computer Laboratories.
  • Software Packages of the Administration and Accounting Department.

Students Alumni