Performing one of the drilling fluid experiments..

Performing one of the drilling fluid experiments in Petroleum Department of Gasha Institue to determine some of the properties of mud such as Viscosity by using a tool known as Model-900 Viscometer.

honoring the provincial council presidency for the Institute of Growth

ژینگەیەکی ئەکادیمی بۆ فێربوونی هەمیشەیی و پێگەیاندنی گەنج تا لوتکەی سەرکەوتنگەورەترین پەیمانگە و خاوەن زۆرترین دەستکەوتی ئەکادیمیمامۆستاکان هاوکار و هەماهەنگن بۆ بنیات نانی داهاتووییەکی گەشتر بە ئەزموونی ئەمڕۆ

دەرچوانی ٩ بنەڕەتی دەتوانن لە باشترین و ئەکادیمیترین پەیمانگە درێژە بە خوێندن …

Performing the practical lessons of the oil department for

Doing the practical lessons of the oil department for third- grade students in the field and outside the classroom to become more familiar with the subjects and attach them to theoretical subjects in the subject of oil geology which was …

Conference (Work, Youth Survival)

The Development Foundation for Education sponsored the Conference (Work, Youth Survival Force) on Sunday, September 5, 2021, in the presence of Engineer Shakhawan Talat, head of the Development Foundation for Education, and many government officials and many The conference was …

End-of-year /second-round tests

conducting final year / second round exams for all stages and departments of the Institute of Growth . Hope for success for all students

Welcoming 9th grade graduates

The Non-Governmental Gasha Institute welcomes 9th grade graduates, and they can now continue their studies at the institute and obtain a certified diploma in the department:

پێشوازی لە دەرچووانی پۆلی (9) بنەڕەتی