وصف الدورة التدريبية

Petroleum Industry is a fairly new and fast-growing global industry that has attracted many people for education and a degree in the field, especially, for those people that live and intend to live in regions that are filled with petroleum companies and oil fields such as Kurdistan Region of Iraq. So, here in Gasha institute the Diploma program in Petroleum Department is designed to produce a new generation of petroleum technicians and prepare them to deal with their natural resources in the best thinkable way.

The Petroleum Department at Gasha Institute deals with the operations in the petroleum industry such as drilling operations, completion, well testing and logging, refinery, and other production operations. Petroleum graduates from Gasha institute are fresh technicians that enter a high demanding environment of oil and gas companies that always looks for a skillful and motivated technician to hire.


The main mission and program in Petroleum Department at Gasha Institute is designed to:

 – Educate a petroleum technician who is capable of working in drilling, well completion, well testing and logging, production, refinery.

 – Providing students with a 5-year plan of the English language, in order to prepare them for working in teams with people of different languages and nations.

 – Teaching petroleum technicians the importance and functionalities of the tools found in laboratories on the oil and gas fields.

 – Graduates in the field of Petroleum Department can be hired in various domains of the petroleum industry and achieving higher positions after gaining experience.


Gasha institute is one of the most successful institutes in the Kurdistan region which generates talented and efficient technicians for the petroleum industry and intent to provide them with the most effective and beneficial educational course.

Petroleum Technology is a program designed to prepare individuals to work as Petroleum Technicians in the oil and gas and related industries. The petroleum industry hires these highly skilled individuals for multiple fields and office positions.

Learning Outcomes:

– Obtain a higher entry level of employment within the Petroleum industry.

– Advance beyond an entry level position. Advancement will not be limited as it currently is for the roustabouts and derrick deckhands.

  -Maintain employment, when the roustabouts are no longer needed.

 -Help maintain production in the Kurdistan Region.


مرافق البرنامج

The field of Petroleum has many theoretical subjects, on the other hand, it also has numerous practical subjects that require specific laboratories, equipped with the most essential tools. Gasha Institute is the No.1 private Institute in Kurdistan Regional Government in terms of providing educational services such as laboratories especially in the Petroleum Department with experienced lab supervisors and assistants, the labs include:

  • Drilling Fluid Laboratory
  • Crude Oil Properties Laboratory
  • Petroleum Geology and Geophysics Laboratory
  • Analytical and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Computer Application Laboratory

Non-Educational Services in Gasha Institute consists of typical facilities including a clinic for first aid and medical requirements, emergency precautions like fire extinguishers. Other services include a cafeteria for students to rest in during their breaks and have meals of various types and for the subject of physical education basketball and volleyball courts are available.

متطلبات وشروط التسجيل

  • An application form must be filled by the student and later be approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Colored copy of the Civil Status Identity with the original one for audit.
  • Colored copy of Iraqi Nationality Certificate with an original one for audit.
  • Six personal photos with a white background, size (4 x 3).
  • Students that intend to study at Gasha institute must have a basic school graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.


The language of education in general at this Department is in English.


5 Academic year’s full-time study at the Department of Petroleum at Gasha Institute. Normally an academic year starts in Mid Sept to Mid-June.