Only leaving the 12th grade is not a measure of success!

In addition to congratulating the graduates of grade 12, the graduates of the ninth grade and those who have not been able to pass grade 12 with any reason, we warn them that they can now register their names in the highest level of the institute for
They reached the wish of the people.
By electing one of the parts of the big party, put aside your heart and build a brighter future.
Register your name from the Institute of Growth and continue to write for its sections:
The computer section of the company.
Department of Administration and Accounting.
Department of Petroleum .

هل تريد مشاركة هذا المنشور؟

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إجراء واحدة من تجارب سائل الحفر..

إجراء إحدى تجارب سائل الحفر في قسم البترول في المعهد گەشە لتحديد بعض خصائص الطين مثل اللزوجة باستخدام أداة تعرف باسم نموذج-900 فيسكومتر.